As the premier telecommunications provider in Hong Kong and a world-class player in Information & Communications Technologies (ICT), HKT values quality, innovation and teamwork

Our Vision

Our aim is to transform our customers’ business goals into reality through communications technology. We aspire to be the best in all that we do and to connect, inform, entertain and serve our customers around the world.

Our Values

Customer Focused

We’re in tune with our customers to understand their business needs and wants.


Because our world doesn’t stand still, we work in an agile way enabling us to develop solutions faster and operate more smoothly.


Our solutions make life easier and more efficient resulting in new ways to do business. These gains can provide a substantial competitive advantage.

Value Creation

We enable the hard to reach ad tackle the hard to do and deliver value to our customers every day.


Customers rely on us to run their businesses so our services must be reliable. From the initial design, comprehensive resilience and teams of global engineers we deliver reliability as standard.

Making the complex simple

Technology can be hard to understand. We like to make complexity simpler, making it easier for customers to see the benefits.

Careers at PCCW Global

If you are dynamic, self-motivated, flexible and open-minded, and are seeking the best path for personal development and growth, PCCW Global is the place for you. We offer excellent opportunities, locally and globally, to enable you to fulfil your potential.

Job title
Business area
Junior DevOps Engineer Athens Technology 17-February-20
Health and Safety Manager Stafford Facilities 17-February-20
Quality Assurance and Problem Management Manager Hong Kong GS&O 14-February-20
Senior Engineer Transmission Capacity Hong Kong Network 14-February-20
Assistant Account Stafford Group Finance 12-February-20
Job title
Junior DevOps Engineer
Location Athens
Business area Technology
Date 17-February-20
Job title
Health and Safety Manager
Location Stafford
Business area Facilities
Date 17-February-20
Job title
Quality Assurance and Problem Management Manager
Location Hong Kong
Business area GS&O
Date 14-February-20
Job title
Senior Engineer Transmission Capacity
Location Hong Kong
Business area Network
Date 14-February-20
Job title
Assistant Account
Location Stafford
Business area Group Finance
Date 12-February-20