Spear Phishing Attacks: Email Cyber Threats Hidden in Plain Site


Spear phishing targets specific individuals instead of a wide group of people. Attackers often research their victims on social media and other web sites. Moreover, spear-phishing attacks are delivered via a standard approach: email. They appear as legitimate and ordinary emails. The body of the email may contain a link or an attachment. The attackers did their research and gathered their information usually through social engineering. They might know your name or your hometown, your bank, your friends, or your place of employment—that bit of personalised information adds a lot of credibility to the email.

The attackers often are satisfied with getting a victim’s credit card information or other sensitive personal data for financial gain. Other times, phishing emails are sent to obtain employee login information or other details for use in an advanced attack against a specific organisation.

Furthermore, malware often is also downloaded onto the target’s computer. Cybercrime attacks, such as advanced persistent threats (APTs) and ransomware, often start with the phishing activity.
If you do not recognise a spear-phishing attack, you may not realise you are losing data and critical information until it’s too late.

Spear phishing can be considered as the first step used to penetrate a company’s defences and carry out a targeted attack.

Defend Against Spear-Phishing Attacks with managed security services

To stop spear-phishing attacks security teams must first train users to recognise, avoid and report suspicious emails.

Second, security teams must implement advanced security technologies, such as email security solutions and processes to prevent, detect and respond to spear-phishing threats.

Legacy security techniques, such as antivirus and anti-spam software, can detect many known threats. However, they will fail to detect unknown threats and spear-phishing attacks. In order to detect and stop spear-phishing attacks and protect your organisation’s critical assets with managed email security services. These solutions offer comprehensive threat data collection to identify and prevent potential spear phishing attacks by combining global threat intelligence data with local email intelligence and advanced machine learning techniques to model trusted email behaviour on the Internet, within organisations and between individuals.

As the threat landscape evolves, keep on your guard and protect your network, your data and your reputation.