Anti-Fraud Service
A secure and regulatory compliant cloud-based solution combined with fraud specialists

Non-intrusive revenue protection

The PCCW Global anti-fraud service is a suite of tools including anti-SIM boxes, anti-OTT and anti-SMS, giving you real-time and non-intrusive protection from fraud, including illegitimate marketing or SMS.

Due to the increasing sophistication of fraud, PCCW Global has developed an equally sophisticated product for the mobile industry.

What are the benefits of
Anti-fraud Service?

Very short return on investment

Typically 1 – 3 months.

Constantly adapted to combat the latest fraud trends

50%+ of dedicated PCCW Global employee resources work in R&D.

Enhanced fraud detection

Expert supported system designed to detect SIM-fraud in real-time.

Anti-Fraud Service features

Real-time CDR transfer and analysis, no batch processing.

Bespoke system for immediate direct SIM blocking fitting operator choices.

Maximum privacy: deployment of the server at the operator site.

Instant analysis and reporting of each and every CDR.

Self-learning mechanism with increased speed of detection as time passes.

Can be deployed in silo or pan-operator environment.

Why choose PCCW Global
for Anti-Fraud Service?

Daily update and fine-tuning of detection rules

Significant improvement of PCCW Global detection speed over traditional methods.

Highly skilled, specialist service

Advanced technology platform, supported by highly skilled professional fraud experts.

Mature and enhanced service

Fast detection and de-activation time with a guarantee of <60 minutes per SIM and 30-45 minutes as standard.

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